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Submitted on
April 9, 2013


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THEME: The object is to draw any of my OCs that I picked out for you to choose from.

So first off ill give you the rules:


:bulletwhite:You can draw up to TWO characters per image As long as their from the same group.

:bulletwhite:You can submit any amount of entries. Dont think that it would up your chances though. Im basing it on quality over quantity.

:bulletwhite:Your allowed to draw chibis, halfbodys or fullbodys.

:bulletwhite:Being a contest I will pick the winners based on color, effort, and that the OC(s) are in character.

:bulletwhite:I have many different OCs so theres something for everybody.

:bulletwhite:If you have more questions make a comment and ill easily answer you.

:bulletwhite:The drawing has to be 100% yours.

:star:THE OCs:star:
Im picking 3 of my OCs from each group. ;3

Super formOC: Laury by Katsumimi*The zipper spirals around her*
Normal formOC: Laury by Katsumimi
A girl who finds a special robot that turns her to a super hero. She has to defeat evil robots and villains to save her city. Shes hot blooded, calm when not fighting and easy to talk too.

OC: Sombra Chibi by Katsumimi
Laurys first enemy. She wields a scythe that emits a static like screen. Shes agile, violent and can disguise herself as her preys shadow.

OC: Richelle Chibi by KatsumimiWIP: Richelle by Katsumimi*Patterns on sweater and boots are symmetrical*
Shes fast and fights close range. Uses her electricity to shut down or activate any machine. As well as being a thunder mouse shes strong willed and short tempered.

OC: Bianca by Katsumimi
A unicorn raised in hell by Haides. She was raised to be violent and eats people when hungry. She is sadistic when mad, likes ice cream and loves her friends.  

OC: Mallory by Katsumimi
Shes best friends with Bianca and is the voice of reason in certain situations. Her stomach is completely visible due to her cause of death. She made a promise to Bianca that she can eat her insides if she stops eating humans. She doesn't feel any pain in that area and regenerates over night making it the perfect substitute.

C: Cerberus by hokori-no-ginga
Biancas sister. She owns an icecream shop and loves it when her sister visits. She used to be one of the scariest creatures in hell until she found a hobby (selling ice cream). She is airheaded at times, caring and cheerful.

(CUSTOM) Adoptable- Too Cool for School by Imimi-Ai
Just a normal schoolgirl until she finds out that shes a goddess from an alternate world. The problem is she cant use any of her powers until she finds that special someone. Being in an all girls school how is that gonna work. She gets visited by many girls who want to be with her and life wont be very normal for her.

(CUSTOM) Adoptable- Between Eight Legs and Lines by Imimi-AiTrade: Spindel by BigDead93
Katsumis new dorm mate after the last one moved out. She has spider ability's except shes not a superhero. She likes to tie up Katsumi when shes sad (she thinks it cheers her up). She acts tough most of the time, but has a soft spot for Katsumi. She likes pizza, making webs and scaring people at night.

OC Delaney by Katsumimi
Shes Katsumis guardian angel and cant go to back to heaven until Katsumi becomes completely happy. When shes not helping her she just flys around town and looks for things to do until then. Shes cheerful, patient and curious some times. She likes to fly (she hates walking), loves desserts and sunny days.

OC: Selina the Fox by Katsumimi*Only her left eye is visible*
My main sonic OC. Shes energetic and has jokes at times. She can run fast and her tail lights on fire when she fights.  

:bulletpink:DULCE:bulletpink:*Mature content is optional*
OC: Dulce by Katsumimi*the rest of her body is just the socks*
My HF mascot. Shes carefree and enjoys life to the fullest. She likes tentacles and anything sugary. She owns a bakery and is very popular for her sweets and services.

:bulletpink:ZOET:bulletpink:*Mature content is optional*

DULCE'S sister. She visits her once in a while and takes charge of the bakery when Dulce goes out. Shes quiet and serious at times its hard to know what shes thinking. Shes very athletic, but plays video games most of the time.

OC Cecelia by Katsumimi
Cecilia is a Chameleon which means she can blend in with her surroundings. She usually disappears when she feels alarmed or embarrassed. She likes cookies and enjoys making friends.

:star:Heres the prizes you will receive if youi win. There are three places.

:star:1ST: $20.00 or 1600 Points:star:
3 requests from me.
Feature for a month in my page.

:star:2nd: 2 requests from me.:star:
Feature for a month in my page.

:star:3rd: 1 request:star:
Feature for a month in my page.

:iconslashshine::star:IMPORTANT + How To Enter:star::iconslashshine:
:star:I wont extend the deadline.
:star:If you want to donate prizes feel free to say so.

:star:Wanna Enter?  Just give this journal a Fave. When you finish the entry(s) let me know so I can add it to the contest folder.

Thats about it. Good luck and make sure you have fun!!:la:
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